Penguin Book Cover Design

As a part of my Uni work I have been designing a book cover for the Student Design Awards at Penguin books. I was most interested in the Adult Fiction book, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee so I decided to go with my gut instinct. I had read the book 4 years ago and absolutely loved it. The contrast between the light-hearted child’s voice and the harsh reality of the times makes for an interesting and emotional read. My intention was to produce a cover that hinted at the negative and dark aspects of the book, in previous editions it had been depicted as a subtle, feminine, childlike way that hid the significance of the book. I wanted to make a change.

template 01.2.jpg


Interview with the Frame Centre

For my Uni course, me and 3 other students were tasked with interviewing someone in any of the varying aspects of the art community based off what area we hoped to get into in our professional career. As we were all interested in different things we decided the best way to get a range of information was to interview a gallery. This way we learn how a gallery functions and how artists make careers from their art.

We managed to find a gallery in Farnham that interested us and arranged an interview with the part owner Caroline. The Frame Centre is not only a gallery but they professionally frame art, memorabilia and anything required.

When we first entered the gallery you can see straight away a wide collection of different types of frames, different colours and materials. They also have some posters and leaflets to describe and explain the benefits to different methods and materials. Its clear they want for all their clients to be educated about what they’ll receive and be buying.


One of the first things we were interested to know was how the gallery stocked their art. Caroline explained that they use publishers to buy their art, this is because all the licensing and prices are decided already between the artist and publisher and it means they don’t have to worry about anything. I hadn’t thought of going to a publishers before but through the information Caroline gave it makes sense to ensure that you have someone to sell your art and sort all the paperwork so that we, the artist, are being treated fairly.

Caroline also explained that they prefer using smaller publishers than the more ‘upmarket’ publishers as they find more artists that are ‘unknown’. This way they get people that will soon become popular and desirable. They like to keep ahead of the trends.

While we were there I saw a lot of art that I found interesting and its always good to know what type of work is being sold and stocked in galleries.

Jane Morgan, ‘Evening Moonlight Shade’
Richard Johnston, ‘Twilight Muse’

Can you see me?

Some work I did for a project at Uni based on the ideas of loneliness and desperation. I did a mixture of mixed media on images found in magazines and some photographs taken in a rundown abandoned car park.

I enjoyed the contradiction of these images together. I believe the effect is subtle but unnerving.


This entrance way was on the top floor of the car park. Someone had spray painted words onto the walls that makes this frame look sinister. “Help me” , “Welcome to hell”.  collage-3In this small project I was able to experiment in ways I hadn’t done before. I found it effective using white ink as well as black. This effect becomes almost haunting and along side the black ink it gives a contrast to stop the image looking washed out.

9-1collage-1I had fun adding tear lines and blocks of colour to my images, I feel that these additions added a level of detachment from the faces that formed a barrier to isolate the content.

14-2collage-4To this image I tried adding thinner lines in pen to add detail to the face as the figure is farther away from the ‘surface’. This small addition I feel added more emotion and tension.6-4collage-3-2With this image I experimented further by exploring what effect could be produced by cutting up and rearranging the image. This fractured image that is the result brings a sense of distortion to the face that triggers the emotions I was hoping to evoke.

19-2collage-5This image is one that came about though the use of white ink. I used the white at first as a base and then reinstated the black to reform the image. The result is a dark and sinister effect and the addition of the colour red brings the focus onto the mouth. 12-2collage-6