Small Collection

A small publication I made awhile back that I stumbled onto. I love collage and I especially like painting onto collage to make a busy image. Some may say less is more but in this case I disagree. I find that as long as the images chosen match in colour pallet and composition the image will normally be effective. The use of white ink instead of black helps to keep a fluidity to the image.


Bathroom- Blue

A short series of illustrations produced with the theme Blue. I shall be posting a few posts based on the theme Blue as this is my new unit at University. Most will be experiments so expect a lot of random stuff. Feedback will be appreciated.

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First Post

It’s almost Christmas!


As my first post I thought it would be appropriate to centre around the theme of this snowy white occasion. It’s my favourite holiday, I love decorations and showing people my love and I always include my love of art into my gifts. Last year I got into a new hobby thanks to X-Mas and I thought I would share this with you. ¬†Candles!¬† Continue reading “First Post”