Sketchbook work

I find that my sketchbook work tends to be very centered around portraits and quotes. I suppose that’s because I find faces to interesting and that I enjoy creating narratives in peoples faces.

Most of the time in my sketchbooks I draw in Biro or any black pen I have to hand. First I’ll find inspiration, either in image, person, object or quote and I’ll do a rough idea of what I want to page to look like and to make sure the features are accurate.


Then I go in with pen and once that’s done I decide if I want to add another aspect to make the drawing mixed media. Most of the time if I feel an image needs it I would add watercolour, either to add more tone or to brighten it up with some colour.


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First Post

It’s almost Christmas!


As my first post I thought it would be appropriate to centre around the theme of this snowy white occasion. It’s my favourite holiday, I love decorations and showing people my love and I always include my love of art into my gifts. Last year I got into a new hobby thanks to X-Mas and I thought I would share this with you. ¬†Candles!¬† Continue reading “First Post”