Quote Ideas

I want to have pages in my booklet where I can experiment with font and creating imagery to work alongside the text.

These images I found from Healthy Place.

Imagery is created to illustrate the quotes, the colour palettes vary but they tend to be quite vibrant and colourful in order to look positive. They haven’t experimented much with the text but its simple to bring attention to imagery and content of the text.


Cover Inspiration

I looked into illustrations including brains and flowers to show the 2 topics of my booklet, mental health and youth. From what I’ve found this idea has been used multiple times, in various ways, but mostly with similar uses. I want to push the idea, I don’t want to have something overdone for my cover illustration as it may put people off.

The following 4 images worked a bit more creatively with the idea and I really like the colour palette of the first image. Very innocent and youthful, no over vibrant colours.

The following images work with vintage collage, the aesthetic is very old fashioned and the artists have repurposed old diagrams and illustrations to make something new. The use of diagrams is a bit too medical for my booklet, I want the cover to empathise the emotional context of the content.

I will try and experiment with how much information I can take away from the visual of the mind, -not including imagery of brain or skull. This will help to make the imagery more conceptual and not as obvious.


Rachel Levit

Levit produces subtle conceptual illustrations surrounding sensitive topics. The minimalistic colour palette I find very interesting and I would like to experiment with this style of image. It makes the images appear calm without being devoid of emotion and allows for colour associations. The importance is still being placed on the content of the images but the colour still attracts attention.



The aesthetic of embroidery could work well in effectively connoting negative imagery in a subtle and almost unnoticeable way. Depending on the style of visuals I end up producing for the final outcome I may try and use this method to increase the texture and interest of my images.


Different Materials

I love the aesthetic of tracing paper and the qualities match quite nicely with the subject matter. The idea or perception that people suffering from mental illness feel ignored or looked through. Or seeing through to people and having someone reveal themselves to you. It can be perceived in different ways. I feel it’s an appropriate material to use with the project or at least experiment with it.



I’ve found lots of examples of how people have managed to make booklets more interesting. Cutouts, irregular shapes, interesting colour palettes and materials. I find that black and white along with a spot colour is an effective and simple way of connoting emotion or feeling. I think I’ll experiment with various colour palettes with my final to ensure I’m creating the most effective imagery.


Mental Health Leaflets

These leaflets are from official organizations and councils informing about various illnesses and symptoms.

There seems to be a similar formal aesthetic style running through each publication. It is popular to have a singular colour or colour palette to simplify the booklets and the text is clearly structured and simple.

I don’t really like how boring and simple they tend to be, it doesn’t seem like it would capture attention to inform larger audiences other than the people seeking these booklets out on purpose. These issues need to be well known for everyone not just those actively exposed to them and having interesting and pleasing aesthetics will help to reach more people.

Self Harm– NHS

Little Book of Mental Health– Worcestershire County Council

Borderline Personality Disorder– National Institute of Mental Health
Depression and College Students– National Institute of Mental Health
This last publication has tried the most to relate to a specific target audience (young people). But even with the louder and more vivid colours, the overall aesthetic is still very ‘boring’ and limited.
Whilst they meet their own aims of providing helpful information I feel that there needs to be more material/products that aim to make people more aware of the issues people around them can face. There needs to be more personality and empathy that helps to make people more aware.

Belinda Eaton

I am in love with the colour palettes used in these paintings, the grey murky tones look really good used with pops of colour. Black is also used really well to add depth. The vague and loose brush strokes used with the skin creates a really interesting backdrop to the pattern work and detail within the eyes and lips. I feel that experimenting with these qualities alongside my aim for this project will really help to capture attention and emphasise the message.